Powder Coating CapabilitiesWe do it all!

35,000 Square Foot Indoor Facility
DeLoKa’s powder coating facility offers the best material handling space available to its customers.  DeLoka has the ability to move material weighting 10-12,000 lbs. and up to 45′ long around quickly and safely with a 2 ton or 1/2 ton over head crane and also with our multiple forklifts with capacities of: 5,000 lb, 6,000 lb or 10,000 lb.

One of the Largest Capacity Batch Ovens in the Northeast US
Having one of the largest batch ovens in the northeast gives DeLoKa an edge over its competitors because it offers versatility to its customers.  DeLoKa’s 10’H X 10’W X 45’L batch oven has two 1 1/2 million BTU burners, that together equal 3 million BTU output that is powered by natural gas. For this reason, DeLoKa can handle almost any LARGE job that a customer has to offer.

Large Capacity Indoor Sandblasting
The large scale 55’L X 24’W X 16’H sandblasting booth at DeLoKa gives us the ability to blast parts for any job with our TWO 600 lb capacity OSHA approved blasters that are fed by our dual 4000 lb feed hoppers.

260 CFM Screw Compressor
The air that is supplied to our sandblasting facility and the powder coating booth is powered by TWO 60 HP, 260 CFM screw compressor that is run through a 300 CFM refrigerated dryer unit. All of the air is pure and free of contaminates.

Dust Collector
In 2018 DeLoKa added a new Airex 18,000 CFM dust collector. Assembled and Powder Coated by DeLoKa.

Coating of Most Metals (Steel, Aluminum..etc)
DeLoKa offers the ability to coat most metals, from your common mild steels to your stainless steels, to castings, aluminums, galvanized parts, and many more.

Powder Chemistries Available
DeLoKa offers a wide variety of Powder Chemistries, consisting of Polyesters, Epoxies, Hybrids, and Urethanes.  DeLoka also offers a Zinc Rich Primer that can add durability and life to parts that are introduced to the elements.

Custom Racking Options
DeLoKa has the capabilities to make custom racking options for its customers.  If you may think your parts are too big or maybe too small?, Probably not. Contact DeLoKa for further assistance!

Value Added Services
Having Value added services to help our customers with their products is a key feature that DeLoKa offers.  It lets the customers know that we are willing to go that extra step in the finishing process.  We know at DeLoKa that it is that first look that really matters.  If you have stickers, decals, masking and hole plugging, contact DeLoKa for further information.

Various Packaging
The final appearance is the most important part of the powder coating process, not only for DeLoKa, but for our customers.  DeLoKa offers a wide variety of packaging options that can be used when we are ready to ship your product:  from the use of banding, foam, and cardboard to, shrink wrapping, and many other packaging options, including Marine Grade Heat Shrink Wrap. 

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