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What are the benefits to powder coating as opposed to liquid painting?

Powder coating is environmentally friendly, provides a consistent finish throughout the product, has exceptional adhesion, and has excellent durability factors. Powder coated parts can also be put into service and ready for the end user much faster than a liquid paint job.

Powder Coating Rochester NYWhen and why would you use Zinc Rich primer?

You should use Zinc Rich Primer when your parts are in harsh environments, for instance, if your parts are going to be exposed to the weather or in high traffic areas. Basically, the Zinc Rich Primer offers premium corrosion resistance to any parts which will enhance the life of the parts.

What are the different powder chemistries used for?

  • Epoxies: Has excellent hardness characteristics making it chemical and corrosive resistant.  Not recommended for outside use.
  • TGIC Polyester: Used for exterior durability, has good flexibility, and good corrosion resistance. Used on castings and rough porous surfaces for low out gassing. It also provides an excellent edge coverage.
  • Hybrids: A good general purpose interior coating. Hybrids have good mechanical and flexibility characteristics.
  • Urethanes: Overall hardness is good. Used when smoothness and exterior durability is required.

What is the price difference between liquid paint and powder coating?

The price difference between liquid paint and powder coating is roughly the same. A high quality liquid paint job that is done right with all the proper steps would be comparably priced to a powder coated job. For larger production runs, powder coating can be less expensive when all factors are considered.

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